Sunday, June 15, 2014

Last One

Well, for Baby Eli, and certainly not forever.  But just finished up the last little project to take with us on our next trip, which will start in a couple of days.

First, here’s the project:


A little (30x20) wall hanging for above the crib.  And here’s a picture of the back, cute fabric I found in my stash, that I used for the sashing on the front, too:


And in a couple of days, we’re headed out for a trailer trip, that will include a stop to celebrate my parents’ 65th anniversary, and to Calgary to do the Highland Games (as well as visit that grandbaby, her parents, and the parents of the expected grandbaby – do I sound like a grandma, the babies have become the focus, their parents just apropos these days LOL!).

So while we’re away, Bonnie will head out to the sewing machine doctor for her annual checkup – she’s all packed and ready to go:


Happy finishes!                               Blessings, Peg

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