Monday, September 30, 2013

GelPro Plush 20 by 36-Inch Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat, Wicker, Oyster Grey

  • Gelpro plush mat is engineered with a gel core reinforced by a thick layer of foam for extra support and comfort
  • This luxurious, anti-fatigue kitchen mat cradles your feet in comfort so it's ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain
  • Unlike traditional kitchen rugs, gelpro plush mats are made from designer fabric that's easy-to-clean, durable and stain resistant
  • Gelpro plush comfort floor mats are certified by the national floor safety institute for having a high traction bottom
  • Gelpro plush anti fatigue floor mats are stylish, high-quality and designed and assembled here in the usa

List Price: $119.95
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Gelpro plush is the ultra-premium comfort floor mat especially for those suffering from back pain, foot and leg pain, plantar fasciitis, osteoporosis or even arthritis. Each mat is specially engineered with a 1/2-inch patented gel core reinforced with an extra layer of supportive foam for added luxury and therapeutic benefits. Plush mats are 50-percent thicker than standard gelpro mats, making them the ideal choice for people seeking relief to body pain caused by standing on hard flooring.

GelPro Plush Mats. The Ultra-Premium Comfort Floor Mat Introducing! Our Most Plush, Luxurious Mat Ever. GelPro Plush is the ultra-premium comfort floor mat especially for those suffering from back pain, foot and leg pain ... Buy Imprint CumulusPro Kitchen/Floor Mat from Bed Bath & Beyond Buy Imprint CumulusPro Kitchen/Floor Mat from $99.99 ... GelPro Wicker Chef's Mat in Oyster Grey; $99 ... GelPro Basketweave Black Cushion 20-Inch x 36-Inch Mat Kitchen Mats, Accent Rugs & Comfort Floor Mats ... Kitchen rugs help muffle noise; kitchen mats reduce wear and tear in high traffic areas. Shop for accent rugs, comfort floor mats and more. Take ... GelPro Mat Size. 20-Inch by 36-Inch; 20-Inch by 72-Inch; ... Oyster Grey; Plum; Red; Red Ochre; ... GelPro Wicker Anti Fatigue Kitchen... Popular Around the Web Online shopping for Kitchen Accessories Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets from a ... 7-Multi-Color Mats. Buy ... GelPro Plush 20 by 72-Inch Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat ...

Saturday, September 28, 2013

NoTrax 478S1848MP Comfort Style Mat, 18" Width x 48" Length x 1/2" Thickness, Maple

  • Floor mat can be placed in front of a kitchen sink or stove or in a laundry room to provide support while standing
  • Made of polyvinyl chloride, which is resistant to water, stains, and corrosion and can be wiped clean
  • Closed-cell sponge base resists water and serves as padding
  • Beveled edges help keep mat from getting tripped over or kicked
  • Weighs 8 lb.; measures 48" long, 18" wide, and 1/2" thick

List Price: $72.09
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Product Description

The NoTrax 478S1848MP Comfort Style mat is a floor mat that is made of polyvinyl chloride, has a maple woodgrain pattern, and can be placed in front of a kitchen sink or stove or in a laundry room to provide support while standing. Polyvinyl chloride is resistant to water, stains, and corrosion and can be wiped clean. The closed-cell sponge base resists water and serves as padding. Beveled edges help keep the floor mat from getting tripped over or kicked. A backing prevents the mat from slipping. The floor mat weighs 8 lb., measures 48" long and 18" wide, and is 1/2" thick.

Superior Manufacturing Group manufactures NoTrax brand floor mats and related accessories. The company, founded in 1948, is headquartered in Chicago, IL.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

GelPro Basketweave Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mat, 20-Inch by 48-Inch, Truffle

  • This patented 100% gel-filled anti fatigue mat provides comfort and helps relieve pain in feet, legs and lower back caused from standing for long periods of time on hard floors
  • Each comfort gel mat is made with a high-quality, european designer top fabric that's superior to low quality textiles
  • All gelpro comfort floor mats are certified by the national floor safety institute for having a high traction bottom
  • Unlike ordinary kitchen mats, GelPro mats wipe clean with mild soap and water
  • Every gelpro floor mat is designed and assembled with pride in the usa
  • This patented 100% gel-filled anti fatigue mat helps relieve pain in feet, legs and lower back

List Price: $134.95
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Provide your feet with soothing relief with the original GelPro comfort floor mat. Each mat is ergonomically designed with a revolutionary 100% gel-filled core, European designer top fabric and high traction bottom surface certified by the National Floor Safety Institute. Unlike most textile kitchen mats or area rugs, these gel-filled patented mats are perfect for people with foot pain, back pain, or even arthritis. As seen on HGTV, Food Network and Fine Living, GelPro mats come in a variety of fabrics, colors and sizes for use anywhere you would place a floor mat: the kitchen, laundry room, bathroom or garage.

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Today was cleaning day, I cleaned this basement suite top to bottom for three hours and even got around to bleach the tiles in the shower. I'm pretty proud of myself,  in spite of the dirty dishes that by the sink sit mocking me. I felt pretty good, then I felt really tired, then I collapsed and napped for two hours. Woke to a head ache and still sleepy with so much studying to do. The dumb thing is I got enough sleep and still wake tired thanks to you my dear thyroid. Yet luckily I put in applesauce pork chops in the crock pot before my nap so they are slowly taking over the smell of cleaner in here. Speaking of cleaner I got a sore stinging throat after breathing in cleaner for three hours...really too bad but the price to get this place spotless - worth it. I love having some amount of order in my life.

Monday I went to see my doctor and after 14 viles of blood for tests and other samples, they still have no idea whats wrong with me. So as my pain worsens I worry. The Doc started me on cymbolta and took me off of ciprelex and the first three days were good but today I feel sore and achy again. The blood tests show that I'm still anemic, have fatty liver from taking so many medications, thyroids a little low, vitamin D is low, and everything else is fine except for my mind that worries. I need to worry less and trust God more.

Perhaps its not the new drugs fault I'm exhausted, I may have gotten to excited to be in less pain and did simply too much. It was my birthday on the 7th and I am now 22 and honestly it doesn't feel any different then 21 lol and apparently the lady that asked my age the other day doesn't think I look it, she said I look 16 that was just a plain sad moment. Yet, optimistically she was wearing glasses and was older so maybe it was her eyes deceiving her :). 

Mastro Anti Fatigue Cushioned Kitchen Mat - 20-Inch by 36-Inch, Coffee Bean. Reduces back discomfort and relieves pressure points of feet and legs. Durable and stain resistant.

  • Made from durable premium quality material.
  • Very safe with trip-resistant beveled edge and non-slip backing that will stay flat and will not roll up.
  • Easy to clean. Perfect for kitchen, laundry, bathroom, garage and other areas of your home.
  • Non toxic and safe for children and pets. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • 5 Year Warranty.

List Price: $99.00
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Standing on a hard surface does a number on one's body. Studies show that Anti-fatigue mats are able to reduce discomfort and increase productivity for people who stand all day. Therefore, anti-fatigue mats are great for areas of your house where you notice that you stand a lot. For instance your kitchen or garage.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Car Crashes, smoke, and gases.

car insurance insurance insurance insurance insurance online online quoteRight now I feel sick, I'm sweating up a storm, my shoulders feel like someone hit them with a two by four, the goiter on my neck feels hard and makes me cough, and my head throbs. I've been laying in bed, just laying in pain, I have no energy to move, no appetite to eat, no motivation to even sleep. The pain is intense and I feel so powerless against my illness. Its like being in a car, just driving down a road and desperately wanting to control the car so you don't crash, but there's heavy rain on the road. Your hitting your breaks, doing everything you can, but no matter what you do it won't stop. The wheels are slipping, sliding straight at the other cars. SMACK. There's pain, there's smoke, there's people hurt, and worst of all everyone's effected now... I find this illness very similar to a car crash cause it's out of control,'s out of my hands, I try to fight past it pushing harder and harder on those imaginary breaks as though I could stop my illness from effecting everything. But there it goes again smacking everything in my life, I feel the pain the most, the electric sharp pains that shock my body and pulsate through my ribs. I'm exhausted, I feel foggy, I feel helpless, I feel as though I'm coming to, yet everyone just stares at me as I awake in this unfamiliar place. I miss classes I desperately want to attend, the teachers don't understand, some may even be frustrated with all of it, and I see the fractures in the relationship, like in the glass of the car thats been hit o so hard. I stay in bed for days in too much debilitating pain, the only energy left in my tired body is spent getting up and pushing through the dizziness to get to the pills. Pills that are the best the doctors can prescribe when they don't have the answers. All week I've worked harder then most student, struggling through this foggy mind of mine, trying to push through, and find research for an essay thats due soon. I make my husband and I miss events because I'm too sick to go out. Why does it hurt they always ask me, and over and over, I just want to be sarcastic; but in all seriousness I give the answer the doctors give me, I don't know, but I'm Sorry. I'm always sorry.

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The car slips out of control, I'm helplessly braking, yet it just keeps slipping. I'm helplessly praying, but it hits again, SMACK. I didn't mean to hit you, it's not like I planned this. Teachers are frustrated cause I'm missing classes, after time friends fade away, sorry, after sorry. My husbands frustrated that I'm sick and he can't fix it, he has to fix dinner, do dishes, and after working late again. I wish I could stop this slipping out and crashing it's madness. But all I can do is watch as the world around me as it spins madly on. The fractures are even more evident when I crawl out this wreckage, and stumble into my classes. Peers I wish I made friends with, stare with questioning looks, and it's because they don't know me. How could they, I'm hardly recognizable after all the crashes, of not coming to classes. For few days, if I'm lucky, but normally only hours of a day the body hold out long enough, I feel awake, and alive. And I use them to push harder than ever to fix what is bent and broken, on all the other ones I've damaged. I work late into the night through the pain, to the write papers, to prove that I not just a reckless drunk driver but a victim in bad weather. I persist through this madness writing essays from bed, to get a good grade and mend a relationship. Hoping to paint some respect over the scratches. As my work starts to pay off, and the world around me has a few less dents and fenders hanging bruised from earlier crashes, I desperately fight not to slip again, hoping as I might the I'd have some control this time around. I wish and wish and wish and pray and pray and pray, that I can fight this, that I can do better this time around. After being in so many crashes, I don't remember what my health looked like when it was better. I don't remember much through the smoke, and gases, all I see is blackness. If I did I think I'd see images, when I flash back to a time before this, I see friends with out fractures, and dreams of greatness, but, then I am quickly snapped back as I slip.

missoula car and truck
Slipping, slipping, sliding. I'm out of control. my mind watches feeling more guilt with every dent and fracture. From in here, in my mind I see the smashed glass, the broken metal, and the disappointed faces.  My foot hitting the brake pedal over, and over, and over again, I see in my passenger seat a man, and he's grabbing tight to my hand. You see there's something that is always the same in all these crash, he's always clutching my hand saying it'll be okay, we'll get through this madness.


Sunday, September 22, 2013


Sitting in a walk in clinic it seems interesting to see where people choose to sit down or rather who they choose to sit by. I walk in see the room randomly seated at a half full capacity and see two chairs empty and choose the one furthest away from everyone else. Why did I do that? A) the large beefy man sitting beside the two empty seats looked intimidating and B) the other half of the room looked pretty sick and being more supseptible than most I want to be as far from sick germs as I can. However all three people after me came n sat beside me. There are six other seats, I wonder if they thought like me about germs, beefy intimidation and looked to me and thought definitely not frightening and sat down. Hmm... How do you choose where you sit? Or is it random?

I've found myself in n out of Dr.'s offices, wondering where it all ends. Seems to be repetitive part of my life for the past 6 years. What I've found is that most offices do not communicate with each other thus when you are referred to a new specialist there will not only be like a 6 month wait there will also be no blood work or recent tests when you do finally get to the clinic. Note: insist on a copy of all recent tests from your Dr.'s office as a record for yourself, put it in a binder and bring for your specialist to see. Right now my binder is with the Naturalpath who says he looks at it before/after each visit.

After my visit yestarday to the Pain Specialist I cant say I'm overwhelmingly hopeful, I mean it was the same song and dance 'up these meds, try this new medication, here's the options of all the treatments we can do...and oh by the way I think you really should try the injection therapy'... When he says injection therapy he means injecting into muscles around my sounds dangerous and I don't like needles. I hate the idea of masking the pain for a little while and then having to continuously go back for injections because the pain doesn't go away it's just masked for a little while.

I'm exhausted from being exhausted, and sick and tired of being sick and tired, but more than anything I hate waiting to be better. I hate pushing myself as fast as I can straight into the ground so that others are taken care of, and I can feel good because I've done my duty. Duty, the reason I push so hard to exceed expectations that when I do excel at being okay - on the inside I'm burnt right out left heaving and panting, but I look okay. Is it worth it? All the hours I spend cleaning till my hands smell of bleach so the house can look clean and dinner is ready, all so I can look like a good housekeeper...then people that don't understand the personal toll it took to get it to look like this, can be impressed. Our appearances are simply based perspective, from the angle looking head on at you in public you look great, from the angle the private life you look tired, exhausted, and run down. We run around busy like lab rats trying to impress each other and then never fully understanding the people around us, but we sure understand the weather better. With all these unbelievably high expectations on me I feel drowned by the weight of whats expected of me because I know my limits and the people with these expectations need to get an adjustment according to my limits. They need a new appreciation for me being able to get out of bed. Because right now I'm going back to bed because if you don't appreciate all the exasperating energy it took to try to impress you why try. I suppose you could say today's a bad pain day for me and it doesn't take much to push me over the edge.



Cushion Comfort 60-122-1376-20X42 Apache Mills Herb Floral Kitchen Mat, 20 by 42-Inch

  • Resilient vinyl foam anti-fatigue mats perfect for the kitchen
  • Stain proof and fade resistant making them easy to clean, just wipe down
  • These soft foam mats make it easier to stand for long periods in the kitchen
  • Size 20 by 42-inch
  • Thickness approximately 3/8-inch

List Price: $29.00
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Crown Ribbed Antifatigue Mat, Vinyl, 36 x 120, Gray (FL3610GY)

  • Cushiony surface offers the comfort you need.
  • Heavy design is able to withstand an industrial working environment.
  • Heavy enough for industrial use.

List Price: $146.78
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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

the saga continues

On the upside my research papers have lots of research behind them, and my midterms studying got a head start this year which feels pretty good, plus the scarf has doubled in length.

On the not so upside, last night was a doozy. I started getting this tight pain around dinner, then it just got worse and worse till it was as painful as if the thunderbolt at my back the other day came through my chest wanting to be free. not cool. I tried waiting it out, I tried putting heat on it, drinking hot coco, nothing helped. Around 2am my breathing got really painful with every breath I could feel stinging through my chest. When the pain became unbearable, I went in to the hospital ER hoping that may be they could help. And although they ran an ECG, X-rays and a list of blood tests they found nothing so the Dr. gave me an advil and sent me home in pain at 6am. Four hours, and a sleepy husband later, still no answers just pain.

Today I awoke to the same pain and I don't know how to deal with it other then trying to distract myself. Although I cling to faith in God as he is my strength, even when I don't feel strong. tomorrow's another day and I get to see if I have lupus. Guess I will let go and let God :)

PS Feel free to comment :)

Translated into Dutch:
Op de kop mijn research papers hebben heel veel onderzoek achter hen, en mijntentamens te bestuderen kreeg een vliegende start dit jaar en dat voelt best goed,plus de sjaal is verdubbeld in lengte.

Op de niet zo onderstebovengisteravond was een juweeltjeIk begon deze strakke pijn rond het diner, dan is het alleen maar erger en erger totdat het was zo pijnlijk als de bliksem op mijn rug de andere dag kwam door mijn borst willen om vrij te zijnniet cool. Ik probeerde het uit te wachten, heb ik geprobeerd omwarmte op, drinken warme chocolademelkniets hielp. Rond 2am mijn ademhaling kreeg echt pijnlijk bij elke ademhaling kon ik prikkende voelen doormijn borst. Als de pijn ondraaglijk werd, ging ik in het ziekenhuis ER hoopt datkan ze konden helpen. En hoewel ze een ECG liepen, X-stralen en een lijst van bloedonderzoek vonden ze niets, dus de Dr gaf me een Advil en stuurde me naar huis in pijn om 6 uurVier uuren een slaperige man laternog steeds geenantwoord alleen maar pijn.

Vandaag werd ik wakker met dezelfde pijn en ik weet niet hoe om te gaan met hetandere dan probeer mezelf af te leiden. Hoewel ik vast aan het geloof in Godzoals hij is mijn kracht, ook als ik voel me niet sterk. morgen weer een dag en ik krijg om te kijken of ik heb lupus. Ik denk dat ik zal laten gaan en laat God:)

PS Voel je vrij om commentaar:)

Translated in Chinese:




Translated in Japannees 



今日、私は同じ痛みに目を覚ましたと私は、自分自身をそらすために試みることで、他に対処方法がわからない。私が強い感じていない場合でも、彼は、私の強みであると私は神への信仰にしがみついているが。明日は別の日だと私は狼瘡を持っているかどうかを取得。 :私が行くと、神を聞かせできるようになると思います


Translated in Arabic:
في الاتجاه الصاعد ورقات بحثي لديها الكثير من البحوث التي تقف وراءها، وانتخابات التجديد النصفي التي أمضيتها في دراسة حصلت على السبق هذا العام الذي يشعر جيدة ، بالإضافة إلى وشاح قد تضاعف في الطول.

على الجانب العلوي بحيث لا ، وكان الليل الماضي لل doozy. لقد بدأت الحصول على هذا الألم مشددة حول العشاء ، وبعد ذلك حصلت للتو أسوأ وأسوأ حتى أنه كان مؤلما كما لو أن صاعقة على ظهري في اليوم الآخر جاء عن طريقصدري يريد أن يكون حرا. لا تبرد. حاولت وحاولت الانتظار بها ، ووضع الحرارة عليه، وشرب الساخنة كوكو، لا شيء ساعد. حول 02:00 حصلت التنفس بلدي مؤلمة حقا مع كل نفس شعرت من خلال لاذع صدري. عندما ذهبتالألم أصبح لا يطاق، في لائحة المستشفى على أمل أن يكون قد يتمكنوا من مساعدة. وعلى الرغم من أنها يدير تخطيط القلب، والأشعة السينية وقائمة من اختبارات الدم وجدوا شيئا حتى الدكتور أعطاني أدفيل وارسلت لي في المنزل الألم في06:00. أربع ساعات ، وزوج بالنعاس في وقت لاحق، لا تزال توجد إجابات الألم فقط.

اليوم استيقظت على الألم نفسه ، وأنا لا أعرف كيفية التعامل معها ثم محاولة أخرى لصرف نفسي. على الرغم من أننيالتشبث الإيمان بالله كما هو قوتي، حتى عندما لا أشعر قوية. غدا يوم آخر، وأنا انظر الى الحصول على ما إذا كان لديالذئبة. اعتقد انني سوف أترك وترك الله تعالى :)

PS لا تتردد في التعليق :)

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Genuine Joe Anti-Fatigue Mat with Beveled Edge, 3 by 5-Feet, Yellow Border, Black

  • Anti-fatigue mat is made of chemical-resistant, nonflammable 9/16" thick material with beveled edges and yellow borders for additional safety
  • Ideal for workshops and factories
  • Grease-resistant and oil-resistant design helps prevent slips

List Price: $199.64
Special Offer: check this out!

Product Description
Anti-fatigue mat is made of chemical-resistant, nonflammable 9/16" thick material with beveled edges and yellow borders for additional safety. ideal for workshops and factories. grease-resistant and oil-resistant design helps prevent slips.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013


For the past three weeks I've studied really hard. Which means I've essentially pushed my body really hard. I've gotten up, eaten, studied for hours then took an exercise break in hopes that the chemicals released from working out would wake me, then I'd continue to study really hard, pushing through the symptoms, the pain, and the throwing up. In spite of the wicked cough and stuffed up nose I pushed hard cause these exam and this degree mean a lot to me. I want to do well but more than that I feel I have to do well. It feels like if I don't push as hard as I can to do my very best, my body wins. And honestly I just can't let that happen, because every time I fall into a patch of symptoms (be it fever, throwing, up, shakes, incredible electric pains, anything) I feel like I'm less of a person due to my lack of control over my body's disorders. I know it doesn't make me less of a person but when I'm lying in bed feeling defeated, it feels like I'm lossing this battle. Today I'm done exams, and I'm in bed feeling all the after shock of pushing my body too far. The pain hurts more and more all over and random, my back is so tender that even lightly touching it hurts, my wrist burns and throbs, I have a headache I the bridge of my nose thats super sensitive. So here I lay, knitting and watching Dr. House entertain me with his sarcasm, it hurts, but it's over now. 

Christmas vacation is here, and I get a month off, which already has a large cleaning list, paperwork and tons of other chores just waiting to take over. At the moment I feel slightly guilty for just sitting and not being able to get to those things. Yet, all I want to do at this moment is be incredibly selfish, I don't want to make dinner, I don't want to clean, or do paperwork or anything thats waiting for me to do. I know that if I don't do it no one else will, but at the moment I just don't care. I just want to rest in peace until my body recovers, in a week or two if I get the rest I need, these pains won't go away but I'll have the brain function back and the little bit of energy I'm used to, to get back up and get things running again. Right now I just want to be a bear and hibernate in my cave. 

I know that until I've recharged my batteries every time I mention what hurts or how I feel, I will hear that awful question of "why does that hurt?" or "you need to go to your doctor." or "should you go to the hospital?" I don't mind being asked how I feel but it's questions like this after that are starting to really frustrate me. I have Hashimoto's, fibromyalgia, neuropathic pain thats come from an undiscovered other disorder that the doctors have yet to figure out. So when I get asked why do I think *fill in a symptom* hurts, if you thought about that question before asking it does it not resolve itself? I hurt because I have these disorders, why does that specific thing hurt at this moment? well for two reasons A) due to other diagnosed reasons or B)How should I know they haven't figured out what new painful disorder I have? I suppose in this state of pain that I'm in right now those questions are extra irritating and patronizing. I know I need a better attitude and I really do appreciate that the people asking care enough to think about it, and it's only patronizing if they do know about the illnesses that I have. At these times I just want my own bubble so I don't hurt someone by saying the wrong thing while being in a lot of pain. I'd feel incredibly bad! However, having this amount of pain in reflection causes me to be able be more patient and hold my tongue better, as well as hide how I feel better which can be good.

Yet through this I thank God for watching over me and helping me get through this pain when I don't feel like I physically can. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

But you "LOOK" so Good!!!

Today, I came across an article that other people with chronic pain in the blog world were raving about and so I took a peek and it's terrific! So You could have a peek too I included a few excerpts below :) hope it can help with a better understanding of chronic pain. 

But You "LOOK" Good!
"Why Seeing Is Not Believing When Dealing With A Chronic Illness!"
Written By: The Invisible Disabilities Advocate, Sherri L. Connell, BA

What Is A Chronic Illness, Anyway?
A chronic illness is a disease or disorder that a person has to cope with on a continuous basis. Many people become so ill, they are unable to work and are forced to give up activities they have always enjoyed. Often their illness goes undiagnosed for years, leaving thousands of people frustrated, depressed and without answers to why their bodies will not cooperate with their desires.

But They "LOOK" Fine! How Can They Be Ill?
Many chronic illnesses such as: *Arthritis, Brain Injury, Crohn's Disease, CFIDS, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Heart Disorders, IBS, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, RSD and many, many more cannot be seen with the naked eye, but are nevertheless persistently keeping the person from enjoying life the way they once knew.
Unfortunately, their families and friends are not often supportive and understanding, because they do not see a broken bone or bleeding head to confirm the complaints. However, do not expect to see a disease that lives below the skin, because most illnesses are not obvious from the outside! Your friend or family member needs you to believe what they are saying is true, without judgment or question.
*This is only a very small sample of the hundreds of chronic illnesses that can be disabling; it is not intended to be a complete list of all debilitating disorders.

So, They Have "Good" & "Bad" Days, Right?
Actually, not everyone with a chronic illness has the same symptoms or degree of symptoms; yet, there are basically three stages in any chronic illness:
1) THE EARLY STAGE: This person may notice occasional symptoms or lack of energy. They start experiencing setbacks from activities that previously never took a thought. If diagnosed in this stage, which is rare, many can get help from their doctors and proper nutrition to cure or prevent further progression of the disease. This person has mostly "good" days with occasional "bad" days.
2) THE MIDDLE STAGE (or the Relapsing/Remitting Stage):
This person may have frequent bouts of symptoms and is forced to make limitations for themselves in order to avoid extreme fatigue and relapse of illness. They reluctantly begin discovering that the simple things they used to enjoy, now must be done with care or sacrificed completely. In this stage, some can lower the frequency of relapse and progression of the disease with help from their doctors and proper nutrition. This person has both "good" and "bad" days, depending on activity and stress.
3) THE LATE STAGE (or the Progressive Stage): This person’s disease has progressed to the point where it does not remit. They live each and every day with symptoms that feel much like having the stomach flu, complete with extreme to unimaginable fatigue, muscle aches, weakness, nausea, cognitive difficulties, dizziness and/or pain.
When they push themselves to do what used to be easy, like dusting a piece of furniture, going to a relative’s house or doing a load of laundry, they pay a high price, because their symptoms worsen to an unbearable level for days and even months. In cases like Multiple Sclerosis, the treating drugs available are effective only for persons in stages 1 and 2. This person does not have "good" days, only "bad" days and "horrific" days.

Well, I Still Don't Understand!
At least once in your life, you have probably experienced having to stay home from work or school, because you were too sick to go; and, I have yet to meet someone who has never had a cold or the flu, tell me they are having the time of their lives and enjoying every minute of it! Or, you may have been hurt in an accident and were forced to give up activities you loved for weeks or even months. So, you know how stressful, depressing and frustrating being unable to do what you want to do can be!
Now, when I refer to being sick, I am not talking about feeling just a little “under the weather” or just not “up to” going to work that day. I am talking about being so sick you can barely sit up or talk, having a fever that makes every muscle ache and your bones feel like they are being crushed. Then, when you try to get up to go to the bathroom, your head pounds, your body feels like it weighs a ton and you become dizzy and nauseous.
Just imagine feeling that way every single day, week after week and year after year. True, some chronic illness sufferers have a few “good days” in between, but many do not have any at all! So, if you see them out and smiling, does that mean they are having a “good day?” Not necessarily! Many times they cannot wait for a “good day” to get out, because they do not have them; thus, they make the sacrifice, sitting there in horrible agony and knowing they will pay dearly for it later!
Do not expect a loved one to always be content with being sick day in and day out! After all, most people become very frustrated and impatient after just a few hours of being sick. Then, if it lasts a few days, they become panicked and angry about missing work, school or other activities. Next, they become depressed and act like a week out of their busy lives is the end of the world! Yet, they often treat their loved ones as if losing months and years out of their lives is no big deal! So, why would you expect your loved one to be happy with losing years of their lives, when you cannot stand to even lose a few days?
It is true, you will never fully comprehend what it is like to be chronically ill, with all of the loss and pain it poses. You will never know what it is like to feel horrible every day and you will never have a grasp at what it is like to watch your lifetime dreams come crashing down forever. So, stop using the excuse that you do not have understanding and start focusing on whether or not you have compassion!
In all, your loved one just wants you see their courage in enduring a life of feeling sick, achy and exhausted all of the time; and, you have the capacity to know you would not want to feel this way every day yourself! You know how horrible it is to be sick and forced to put your life on hold for a while, so why don’t you tell them how amazed you are at their strength and perseverance!

But, What If They "Give In" To The Illness?
When a young ice skater named, Nancy Karrigan was assaulted and suffered a leg injury, she faced the possibility of losing all of that which she had dreamed; the whole world cried with Nancy, because it could have meant the end of her skating career! Yet, when a person loses their job or is forced to give up their career due to illness, for some reason people often treat them like they are choosing to do so; and, they are often insensitive to the fact that the sufferer has lost all for which they have worked, planned and hoped for their future... just like Nancy.
Most people do not "give in" to illness; in fact, it is ingrained in our nature to fight to survive as hard and as long as humanly possibly. If you believe that your loved one is “giving in” to the illness, because they have given up their usual activities, this is just your perception of how they are handling their limitations.
When a person first experiences the effects of a chronic illness, they have a fantastic attitude about conquering it; they feel strong and invincible to its grip. Even if the disease progresses, they will continue to fight for their right to live the way they planned their lives to be; and, they will stay persistent in the battle until their bodies force them to make limitations.
Creating limitations for oneself is one of the hardest things a person can do. It goes against everything we are and everything we ever hoped to be. No one wants to be sick and no one ever chooses to give up those things in life that bring such joy. Yet, these limitations are mandatory in managing a chronic illness; so, respect their new boundaries by acknowledging their losses and supporting their need to say, "No."

It Seems like I Am Always Saying The Wrong Thing!
What can sometimes be even harder to bear than the illness itself, it is feeling alone in the daily struggle and mourning of lifelong dreams. As pieces of oneself die off bit by bit, isolation consumes them when others refuse to affirm their pain. By repeatedly trying to "cheer them up" and make them see the "bright side" you are not validating their pain, but instead saying, "I don’t want to hear the truth" or "your losses don’t matter." On the other hand, if you acknowledge their losses, they will no longer be compelled to gain your belief by having to explain their situation over and over again.
Resist the temptation to make a visual diagnosis by saying, "gee, you look like you’re feeling good today" or "hey, you must be doing well." They may look like they are feeling well, because there is joy in their face from seeing you; however, your comment will only make them realise they are alone in their battle, since you are evidently unaware of their insurmountable hurdles.
In other words, by rebutting their answers with, "But you LOOK good," your friend really hears, "But, I don’t believe you, because you look fine to me." Instead try, "I am so glad to see you," "wow, I can’t imagine what you go through, you are amazing!" "you look nice today," or "how can I pray for you?"
Encourage your loved one by affirming your trust in them, loving them and showing them that they are still just as valuable to you even if they can no longer do the things they used to do; your willingness to acknowledge their losses will give them the strength and positive attitude they need to fight the illness, instead of wasting their energy fighting with you to believe. They are not seeking your pity or sympathy, they simply want your compassion; some will need your help, just listen, they will tell you how.
We, as chronic illness sufferers, do not want to give up; we want to laugh, smile, look our best and enjoy life; after all, it is our incredible courage, perseverance and persistence to fight for our lives that make our painful disabilities seem invisible to the naked eye.

I Never Know What To Say!
Tips On What Encourages & What Discourages Someone With A Chronic, Debilitating Illness!
Written By: The Invisible Disabilities Advocate, Sherri L. Connell, BA

It Seems Like I Can Never Get It Right!
Have you ever wanted to encourage someone with a chronic illness, but it seems like you never know what to say? And, when you finally think of something you know will make them smile, they just snap back at you with frustration?
This booklet will give you a sample of what comments are discouraging and what comments are encouraging and why people suffering from these illnesses feel that way.

I Still Do Not Understand Where They Are Coming From!
The intent of this booklet is to list some "do's" and "don'ts" and to explain how some well-meaning comments can be heart-wrenchingly painful to someone suffering from a chronic illness; you may not understand it completely, because you are not the one suffering from a debilitating disease. Yet, if you desire to encourage your loved one, rather than to discourage them - read on!

Couldn't I Just Try To "Cheer Them Up?"
They will smile when you tell them you are sorry for what they are going through, not when you tell them it is "not that bad" And, they will find strength when they can stop using their energy in attempt to gain your support, because they no longer have to fight your disbelief.

But, I Really Do Think My Suggestions Are Helpful!
The purpose of this booklet is to explain to you why some of the "answers" you have may be hurtful, destructive and actually make you seem as if you really do not care at all.
Your loved one does not need to feel as if they are fighting for your belief, respect and compassion in addition to fighting for their lives!

So, Why Do I React That Way?
There are four basic, natural emotions that occur in response to seeing a loved one become ill. All of these emotions stem from the first stage of tragedy, called denial. Although these reactions are normal, they are often followed by comments which make it apparent to the sufferer that you are not only in denial, but you are refusing to step along side to support them in what they have lost and what they are facing.

What "Discourages" A Chronically Ill Person?
Do Not Disagree With Them, Because You Can't See It:
"But, you don't look sick!" "But, you look like you feel good!" "But, you look good!" "But, you are here, so you must be doing well!" "But, you look fine to me!"
Often, someone will take the time to ask with all sincerity what it is really like to have a chronic illness and what the person is going through. This makes them feel loved and truly cared about until, after they explain their situation, you oppose what they are telling you.
When you say things like, "but, you don't look sick," you are really saying, "but, I don't care what you are telling me, because I can't see it, so I don't believe it." They are being honest with you, try to believe in them and be strong for them.
Do Not Minimize Their Situation:
"It is not that bad!" "It could be worse!" "You're lucky you don't have to work!"
Trying to act like having lifelong hopes, dreams and desires stolen away by a disease is "no big deal," is not only extremely hurtful, but ridiculous! Unless you are in their shoes, you have no right to tell someone "it is not that bad," when you are sitting there knowing you can get up the next day and reach for your goals.
Do Not Act Like You Can Relate:
"I know what you mean, I'm always tired, too." "Join the club." "Ya, I can't get anything done, either." "Hey, I would like to have a maid, too."
If you do not have a chronic illness, you do not know what it means to be sick all of the time! For some reason, people tend to think that if they do not show they can empathize, then they cannot show compassion. Yet, in this situation it backfires, because you cannot empathize!
Many sufferers’ resent comments like, "join the club," because the well person does not have the right for one minute to think they are in the same boat. If a friend is exhausted at the end of the day, I will give them all of the compassion they need; but, when they try to tell me they feel the same as I do, I have to draw the line.

What "Encourages" A Chronically Ill Person?
Acknowledge Their Situation:
"What you have been through is horrible!" "I can't believe what you must go through every day!"
Often times when a person is ill, the people around them refuse to move out of denial about the situation. Instead of listening, believing and showing compassion for what they have been through and what they are facing on a daily basis, they refuse the facts and minimize the severity of the disease.
Acknowledging your loved one's situation lets them know that you are there to accept the facts and move on to practical help. They will know that you are truly there for them to help them deal with their limitations and adjustments. But most of all, they will know that you love them even in their broken state and respect them for their perseverance!
Acknowledge Their Losses:
"I am so sorry you can't work anymore!" "It must be horrible, because you can no longer..." "I can't imagine what you have been through!"
Losing the ability to participate in activities, work and enjoy hobbies is incredibly devastating.
Acknowledging their losses will show them you have compassion for what they can no longer do or enjoy. Most of all, it shows that you believe that losing their ability to do something they once had is something that is unimaginably heart-wrenching for them and not in any way something they have wilfully chosen for themselves!
Show Them You Are Listening:
"Honestly, how are you doing?" "How can I pray for you?" "So, what is really going on?"
If your loved one tells you they do not have "good" days and are instead very ill every single day, stop asking them how they are feeling if all you want to hear is that they are feeling good! - Doing this only makes them realize you are not listening, have absolutely no idea what they are going through and will not love them until they get better or lie.
Instead, why not try, "how are you doing?" This will spark an answer that addresses how they are dealing with their challenges, struggles and emotional state, which, unlike how they are "feeling" can fluctuate.

Being A Comfort In The Face Of A Tragedy
In all, you honestly mean well and truly want to be an encouragement and comfort to others - Yes, accepting what is happening to your loved one means having to deal with all of its pain, mourning and changes, but do not
sell yourself short! After all, if they are forced to live with it, you can certainly choose to live next to it!
"Truly Love Me, By First Believing In Me!"
I Never Know What To Do!
Tips On How To Help Someone With A Chronic, Debilitating Illness!
Written By: The Invisible Disabilities Advocate, Sherri L. Connell, BA

The Balancing Act!
Many people think a person with a chronic illness has a lot of time on their hands, when nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, most chronic illness sufferers do not get the rest they need, because they are so busy spending all day trying to do the things that a "well" person can do in one hour.

Dreaded Limitations!
In order for a chronic illness sufferer to visit with a friend or attend a social gathering, even more daily sacrifices have to be made in order to prepare for the event - They do this by avoiding any other outings or projects around the house for several days, because the energy it takes to sit, smile and talk is incredible! And, by exerting themselves, they will then suffer the consequences for several days, weeks or months and end up even more behind on their daily duties.

So, should you avoid asking them to spend time with you? Absolutely not! Spending time with friends and family who care, gives incredible strength and will to keep fighting the battle! Go ahead and invite them, but allow them to say, "no" if they have to, realizing they would if they could. By showing you want to spend time with them, you will make them feel loved and important.

So, Where Do I Start?
First, it is difficult to recognize there is a need, by simply looking at someone with a chronic illness; often they appear physically able to accomplish any task set before them...
Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of overlooking what their friend or family member is telling them, because they cannot see the disability. Therefore, the first thing you must do, is to learn to listen to their needs, without discounting them with your eyes.

So, What Can I Do?
As previously mentioned, a person with a chronic illness will tell you how you can help, if you simply listen. Often, they need rides to doctor appointments or would benefit greatly if you could run an errand for them.
They know you are busy, overextended and do not have a lot of leisure time; they do not want to add to your pressures. The secret to getting them to accept your much needed help is to do something that is convenient for you.
You can do this by - Another way to approach them is to - Or try -

And, What Else Can I Do?
Something most people don't think about is - When you go to visit your friend
Another way to ease their housekeeping situation is to - you would not even have to break a sweat!
Because getting out is often too exerting, you can
In all, remember to listen, believe what you hear, allow them to say, "no" and offer specific help that is convenient for you. Do not worry about making time for hours of strenuous help; what is simple for you could save days of excruciating work for them!
"Just A Little Bit Of Your Time Can Make A Very Big Difference!"
When a friend hurts, we gather around
her. When she has surgery, we line up
outside her door with meals. We send
flowers, cards, and gifts. We provide
childcare and, of course, prayers.
Gradually she heals and is able to return to her every day
When a friend is diagnosed with a chronic illness the natural
cycle of healing doesn't take place. What do we say? Do we
encourage her to remain hopeful? Chronic illness is
permanent and often degenerative, requiring her to change
nearly everything about her life. The emotions that
accompany these changes in her life are often more difficult
to cope with than the pain itself.
What to Say What Not to Say How to Help
What to Say
Be honest. Say “I wish I knew the right thing to say, but I
care and I am here if you need me.”
Ask her if she’d like you to pray for her and ask what she
wants you to pray about. Respect her request. Don’t pray for
healing if she wants prayer for new medications.
Remind him that coping with life’s difficulties is a process
and that the length of time is different for everyone. Tell
him that he is coping well. Just listen. Let her share her
thoughts and feelings with you and don’t say, “I understand,”
if you haven’t been there yourself.
Respect where he is with his faith. If you see him struggling,
be sensitive to it and don’t tell him to snap out if it, that God
is still good. Pray for him silently and be patient.
Treat her as though she is still a whole person, despite her
limitations. She wants to feel capable and in control. Let her
make the plans.
Become somewhat educated on his illness. Ask him if he’d
mind answering some of your questions. Remember, just
because you’ve read a book doesn’t mean that you know how
he is feeling physically or emotionally.
Don’t assume that she copes with things the same way you
do. She may gain strength by alone time while being alone
depresses you. Let her cope in her own way and don’t tell her
she is coping in the “wrong” way.
Let him know you are thinking about him. A card or a phone
call can make the difference.
What Not to Say
Avoid giving “God balm.” If you say “God will heal you” or “all
things work together...” she will believe you don’t really
understand and avoid sharing her feelings with you in the
Don’t feel compelled to share every “cure” you’ve heard of
for his illness. He’s constantly bombarded with cures and he
needs you to be his refuge from that.
Be aware of the fact that illness is not just a matter of
attitude. Don’t say, “When are you going to get rid of that
cane?” or “Did you know illness is caused by stress?”
Respect her limitations and be sensitive to them. Don’t say,
“A little walk might do you some good” or “No pain, no gain!”
Only she knows her limits and they will likely change from
day to day depending on many factors. What she could do
yesterday may not be possible today. Don’t question that.
How to Help
Offer specific ways that you can assist your friend. Say “I
am going to the drug store. Can I pick something up for you?”
Look around her home and see where your friend might need
some help. Does the shower need scrubbed? The leaves
raked? The carpet shampooed. Offer to take care of these
Volunteer to pick up some groceries rather than do the
cooking. Many times people with illnesses have restrictive
diets, so they may prefer some fresh fruits and vegetables
than a casserole. Ask what meals he is eating and then
freeze some of these for him to have on hand.
Accompany her to places where she may need some
assistance. Get your haircut at the same time, or have the oil
changed in her car while you are eating lunch. Bring an
uplifting personal little gift when you come to visit: some
fresh cut roses, a new book, a funny movie, some cookies for
the children, a blanket, potpourri to make the house smell
Remember that one’s spouse and children have needs too and
these often concern your friend. Take the children out for
awhile so s/he can get some rest. Plan something special for
the children and before you drop them off at the house, pick
up a small “something” that will make their parent smile like
some fresh flowers.
Ask your friend what her concerns are and how you can
address them. One woman who was ill said that she would like
for a friend to make sure her children made it to Sunday
School and church when she couldn’t go.
Ask the person’s spouse how you can help the family. One
spouse was appreciative of gift certificates to the local fast
food restaurants so that the children could occasionally have
a quick meal and his wife didn’t have to worry about making

The rest of this booklet which includes other sections such as: 
  • Unmasking Society's Depiction of People with Disabilities
  • Understanding the Differences and Similarities Between Having Visible and Invisible Disabilities.
  • The Invisible Disabilities Advocate
  • Pick Your Battles...Chronic pain causes so many losses in our life; it is easy to become overwhelmed
  • People in Pain - a search for support
  • Conquering Pain, New discoveries and treatments offer hope
Is free on a pdf file linked below:


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Safco 1929CY Adjustable Height Stand-Up Workstation, 29w x 19-3/4d x 49h, Cherry PVC Top

  • Height adjustability in 1-inch increments
  • Weight capacity is 100 lbs. for desk top, 25 lbs for keyboard tray
  • Keyboard shelf is 22 3/4-inch by 13 1/2-inch
  • Work surface is 29 1/2-inch w by 19 3/4-inch d by 3/4-inch h
  • Work surface height is 35-inch to 49-inch

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Get a Muv on height! This workstation adjusts in height from 35-inch to 49-inch for stand-up computer work. Decorative molded side panels hide computer cables for a clean appearance. Durable powder-coated steel frame. Keyboard shelf extends 9 3/4-inch and retracts under the work surface when not in use. Mobile on four casters (2 locking). - Safco 1926CY 35" Wide Adjustable Height ... ... Height Workstation, 19-3/4d x 33h, Cherry PVC Top ... Height Stand-Up Workstation, 29w x 19-3/4d x 49h, ... Safco 1929CY Adjustable Height Stand-Up ... - Safco 1929CY Adjustable Height Stand-Up ... - Safco 1929CY Adjustable Height Stand-Up Workstation, 29w x 19-3/4d x 49h, Cherry PVC Top - Office Workstations

Lululemon's Goal setting Inspirations:

So after deciding that I need to have goals, and deciding to use this blog to record how they go along side of life with Hashimoto's, I read this awesome article on the lululemon website that was a must share :) 

when failing is fun

One of the most common reasons why people don’t set goals is because they are scared of failing. However, this fear of failure, and failure itself, should be embraced rather than rejected. “Failing” is actually a really positive thing in setting and achieving your goals. Here are three helpful things I remind myself of when I sit down to set goals or when I am reviewing my goals:
1) Fear is an indicator that we are doing something remarkable.
Stepping out of our comfort zone means we are stretching ourselves; we are going after something we really want or something that will really impact our life. Focusing solely on the fear distracts us from the remarkable results our goals will bring about. Use that fear as a motivator rather than a detractor.

2) Failing sometimes takes you off a path you never really wanted to be on.

Sometimes we set goals towards things we don’t really want. Not achieving that goal allows us to evaluate what we were going towards, or how we were going about getting there. It could be the end goal that needs tweeking, or it could be the approach we were taking to tackle that goal.
3) Setting a goal and falling short, is still better than not trying at all.
Your life without goals will remain pretty static over time. Setting an inspiring goal will immediately set you on a path of trial and error towards something great. Bumps along the way are to be expected, so just keep holding on! When it comes time to look back and see what you’ve accomplished, you’ll be astounded to see how far you’ve come – whether you fell short of your goal or surpassed it by a mile. (I like to see this in graph form…)
And So