Friday, February 28, 2014

Movin’ On Up

…….We finally have a piece of the pie!

Do you remember that old song from the TV show The Jeffersons?

Well, we finally have a piece of the pie.  Apple pie that is!  As in Apple computer technology.

While in Alberta, our DD-A and DSIL-J presented us with:074.IPad075076

They’re determined to keep us up to date with technology, and now we can FaceTime with them and LV!

Now the fun begins – learning how to use this new toy, and now I get to make an iPad cover for myself!

Happy moving with the times!              Blessings, Peg

Tuff-Spun FL 3660GY Closed-Cell PVC Sponge

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  • Cushiony surface offers the comfort you need.
  • Heavy design is able to withstand an industrial working environment.
  • Heavy enough for industrial use.

List Price: $71.25
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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Starting up again–a tutorial

After some very lazy days, I finally sat down at my sewing machine.  First project, some bookmarks – and then on to some prep work for a kids’ quilt that I’ve wanted to do for a while.

The bookmarks – a quick and easy project/gift that I had seen at my parents’ home.  They were made for them by one of their quilting friends, and when we stopped by there before Christmas on our way to Alberta, the friend came over and gave me a quick tutorial.  Apparently she bought a special ruler to make these, but I thought I should be able to figure it out without that, and I think I have.

This is the first one that I made a few days ago, and Grizz is using it in his books right now.  I made a few mistakes, but that’s what practice is for isn’t it:


These are the four that I finished up today, after I did one, taking pictures so that I could share a tutorial with you.  These ones still need the final edge-stitching:


And here’s the one that I made for the tutorial:024

Very easy, and actually very little sewing.

Start with 4 strips of fabric – for the tutorial I used red and purple, but for the others I used 4 different fabrics, and my parents’ friend also used 4 different fabrics in each of the ones that I’ve seen that she has made.

I cut fabric 2 1/2” wide by about 8-9 1/2” long, with the intent to have a finished product 7 1/2” long.  It’s actually important for the finished look to have that 1/2” measurement for the length.


Back any two of the strips with fusible web – I use Misty Fuse, but a light Steam-a-seam would work just as well'.  If you look very closely at this picture you can just see the Misty Fuse on the left-hand side.  Placing the iron on the edge of the fabric, and you can pull away the excess fusible web – and as you may be able to tell I’m using a silicon pressing board, very important if you’re not using fabric-backed fusible!001

Place the fused fabric wrong sides together with the un-fused fabric:003

For this purpose the red (fused) strips are shorter than the purple (unfused) strips.  Set aside one set, and fold the other set in half length-wise, and press:


Mark a line 1/2” in from the long raw edge (I call this the vertical line).  I used a Fuzion pen for marking because the marks will disappear when pressed afterward:


Mark a horizontal line 1 1/2” from one end from the fold to the vertical line:


Mark lines at 1” intervals across the width from the marked vertical line to the folded edge, for the length of the folded strip:


This creates 6 ‘boxes’ in a 7 1/2” length strip:


Then mark diagonal lines from where the folded edge and marked lines meet to the opposite corner of the ‘box’.010

Be sure to make the diagonal lines run toward the 1 1/2” space at the end.  Then mark a second, shorter line from the fold to the horizontal line 1/4” above the already marked diagonal.  Do NOT mark below the last horizontal line:


Cut along all the diagonal lines.  Again be sure that you’re cutting from the fold toward the vertical line, with the ‘point’ away from the 1 1/2” space at the ‘top’ end:


Open out the folded strip, and press flat:


Fold up and finger press the V’s created, then press with your iron:


Pick up the fused strip that was set aside, and determine which fabric you want to show through the cut out spaces:


Put the strips together and secure with a dab of glue:018

Now before proceeding, make sure that if there’s any selvedge on any of these strips, that they will be cut off.  I neglected to do that, and the back of this bookmark has some selvedge at one end (LOL – must laugh at myself!).

Secure the strips together with a line of stitching down the center:019020

Trim all sides 1/2” from the points of the diamonds:



Using any decorative stitch, sew around all four sides:023024

One last finishing touch – dab Fray Check on the raw edges:025

And when it’s dry – tuck it into your favorite book:026

And, by the way, if you haven’t read this one, it’s well worth the read.  It’s a far cry from her Harry Potter books, and I found it a little difficult to follow until I began to understand some of the British terms, but a very interesting read.

Happy reading!                      Blessings, Peg

Thoughts and musings

I haven't posted anything in a while, and I can't say I'm sorry because I just haven't had anything to say.  But, that's not to say I have anything to say now. Now I just feel tired of not saying anything. It's not that I've been better, or been worse, I've sort of just been. However, I read this quote today "I have pretended to go mad in order to tell you the things I need to. I call it art. Because art is the word we give to our feelings made public. And art doesn’t worry anyone." I don't particularly know who said it, but it reminded me that I miss art, because when you have those days where you feel so much good or bad or both, arts just kinda the greatest thing in the world because you can work out how you feel while you paint and know one has to know how you feel. Sometimes I look back on a painting and I think wow theres some real passion and emotion in there but I can't remember what I felt when I painted it, I just know I felt better after. Art is beautiful because it's in the eye of the beholder, everyone who looks at the same painting will think it means something else. For some reason or another I happened across this page and I'm really glad I did because then I happened to also come across this video, you should watch right now.

I found the guy very curious as he goes about the video and in the beginning of it I think he's making a point about history repeating itself, and then in the middle he makes me very sad, thinking of where we are at and close to the end I'm highly entertained by the preposterous thing people are saying to questions he asks them. And when it's over I'm just glad I watched it. Then I went back to the page I had come across which is a tumblr that I also liked.
It feels like I've been at that place where it matters the most, and sometimes I'm just not sure if I'm sinking or swimming. That reminds me of this book I read a very long time ago in almost as good as a different life, it was called "Reviving Orphelia" by Mary Pipher a clinical psychologist who worked with troubled teenage girls, she's always been a bit of a hero of mine. I should read read that book. I'm not sure I write for others as much as I just wish to clarify my thinking in a way that can also help others clarify theirs. It would be a wonderful thing to believe in yourself when it's hard to believe in yourself. I'm not sure I'm quite there yet..but is anyone really? I mean if our thoughts were broadcasted on a radio frequency anyone could listen to would we be ashamed? It's easy to reflect on others and give advice or criticism, yet when it comes to us deep down, we don't really enjoy reflecting on us or our weaknesses because what if we find something we have to deal with. It would be hard then, hard to push through or face. What would people hear you thinking? are you lying out-loud about yourself? or others?

In chapel a guy at school spoke about faith and trusting God and how it's easy to trust him when every things going good but it's hard to trust him or have faith in him when we don't know what's going on, at least thats what I got out of it. Afterward people were called to the front to deal with their pride, or have a time to pray. And it was a good time to have with God, there was people praying aloud, speaking in tongues, others praying something out of someone, and others singing. And after this week beginning at a practicum with rehabilitating young girls who were acting.. to put it nicely chaotically screaming, and then to end in this chapel with this unusual stuff going on (this isn't to say that anything about it was wrong) I realized I felt nothing but calm. These things didn't scare me, shock me, or throw me off...they were just happened around me and I was calm in each circumstance. While the screaming at the beginning of the week was going on I just wanted to help, I saw these girls as being somewhere scary and new and could understand their screaming and confusion. I saw the staff tired and frustrated and I understood that in their position it was frustrating to deal with consistently, and in chapel I saw people coming and meeting God where they were at and that's awesome. And, I'm finding myself surprised by the fact that not a lot surprised me maybe it's because all I've seen or just what I'm going through inside.

A guest speaker that I highly admire came to our counselling class and talked about his career in the crisis field and how it's began and gone for him. It was highly encouraging to hear as at one point he stated that after everything you've been taught, you have all this training but when you go into a situation it’s like “wow, never seen anything this bad” “what do I do?" When I enter into a situation as I did this week I feel inadequate, acutely aware that I don't know what to do, yet thinking back to what he had said made me feel comfort in the uncomfortable. 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

April Finish and Baby Sewing

which was also my April Start


Baby Gracie’s quilt – design and color-way selected by DD.  The fabrics in rows 3 and 6 (from the top) are already used in the baby room, so some coordination happening here.

18.Baby room

The room is all decorated, furnished, supplied and just waiting now for Gracie to appear.  Just a few weeks to go!  Gracie is not her name (we don’t know that yet), but will be the name I’ll use for her on my blog. 

I quilted daisies into the corner posts and the crosses:


Kind of softens the angles, I think.

And sewing has begun for baby Peanut (DS1 and DDIL2), due in October.  First up – diapers, 3 dozen are on the go right now.  Then plans to sew receiving blankets, burp cloths, nursing pads, take-along change pads, changing-pad covers (see the chevron fabric on the right in Gracie’s room), crib sheets, diaper bag, sleep sacks, car-seat snuggies (Gracie will need one of these too in the fall). 

It’s an adventure – and so good to keep busy while we’re waiting so the time goes by faster!

Happy baby sewing!                Blessings, Peg

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Reason

The reason I go to school.
The reason I want to be a crisis counsellor.
The reason the world needs to change.
Because things like this are NOT okay.

It’s Been Quite a Week

We’ve been home for a little over a week now, and it’s just flown by!

We started and ended the week helping our DS-K clean up his new home.   What a job!  But it’s clean enough now that he can actually live there, but the cleaning and renos and redecorating will be continuing.  Here’s a picture of behind the fridge before we cleaned it:DSCN1052

K’s mother-in-law actually took charge of the kitchen, and it looks fabulous now!

DDIL-M is away at school,so she is missing out on all the FUN!

So, at the end of the week – carpets are all out, ceilings are almost all painted, floors are vacuumed and washed, kitchen and bathrooms are clean, drains are almost all running freely, lawn is mowed, garbage has been removed, several windows are clean so that we can actually see through them, the small bedroom that K will use temporarily has been painted.  Lots and lots more to do yet – painting will continue, the furnace and water heater will be replaced this week, some windows need to be replaced this week.  But K actually slept in the house for the first time last night!  Welcome home bud!

During the week, Grizz and I tackled a few jobs around the house that were waiting for us – picked and juiced our grapes (sorry, forgot to take a picture), washed the living and dining room drapes (oops, that exposed our windows that are ready for another cleaning), and got started on painting the trim on the outside of the house.

Friday was a day off – and we took full advantage.  We headed out to watch some of our friends and neighbors compete in the BC Senior Games Floor Curling competition:PicMonkey Collage

They came home with a gold medal!  And another friend competed in the bike racing competitions and came home with a gold and a bronze medal.  Not bad for folks in their 70’s and 80’s!

Friday evening we went to the local Fall Fair.  The Midway held its usual fascination for the young and the young-at-heart:DSCN1086


There was outdoor stage entertainment by a home-grown singer (not our style, so we didn’t stay long)


We learned that the first night of the fair, there are no animals in the barns yet (will make sure to go on Saturday next year).  But the arts and crafts and horticultural displays were all ready:


I, of course, particularly liked looking at the quilts – and there were lots of them:


For the first time ever, I entered a craft project in the fair, the cross-stitch of Kilby Farm (local historic site) that took me several years to complete.  As you can see it got a second place:


Happy week!                                Blessings, Peg

Quick unwilling update

These past few week have been a bit of an unexpected landslide, as admittedly the new birth control has been angering my cysts, intestines, and neuropathic pain. The pain it's caused, has lit me up like a christmas tree with varying levels of pain switching as though it were on a timer. The most bothersome symptom is that I keep getting electric jolts of pain in my hand and end up dropping whatever I was holding, i.e. cell phone, fork full of food, mug I liked...etc. I called the Dr.'s office and they told me it's too vital to the surgery to go off of it would be jeopardizing the surgery that's already been moved up to December 20th. So I am stalemated by drugs that cause wicked side-effects without other options. The Cysts seem to be trying very hard to fight off the BC pill as it tries to shrink them, throughout my intestines a war is being battled, and I am in turn, in the bathroom enough times to be Clark Kent transformed into superman three times over. The exhaustion I feel is almost unbearable but, I continue, if I nap in a feeble attempt to rest I just lose time, as I will wake from the nap feeling unrested and groggy. When I sleep at night, I am told I can't reach deep levels needed as my pain levels are too high thus, chronic fatigue sets in.  

However, looking into the IUD that my Dr. recommended I allow them to insert, I did my own research and found some shocking law suits to the IUD company Mirena, which is her recommendation. As well as the fact that they cause min-abortions monthly as they do not stop fertilization, it seems they just cause a whole ton of bad thing, abortions, birth defects, cysts, blood clots, etc. It's sad they don't give you all these facts when suggesting you get it implanted inside you. 

Just one of the many things I've been going over in preparation for surgery. If left alone with my own thoughts all I can think of is one looming got bumped up to a week after final exam's and 4 days before christmas....Dec. 20th I go into Women's Hospital and they will take out cysts that have grown, or have formed, and they will be taking out the scar tissue that has attached to organs, or intestines after some cysts have burst and they will cauterize the area's that need that too...I push hard to keep going everyday, I attend classes, I am working on two 12 page papers and I am trying so hard but most of all I just want to some cream of broccoli soup...and sleep...I just want to numb this but how..this pain might not kill me but its starting to feel like a work in progress on top of papers at least...

Monday, February 24, 2014

Wednesday’s Words and Hodgepodge

It’s Wednesday again – let’s see what there is to share.  If you want to read more, just click on the link on my sidebar.

1. Describe a typical Sunday in your childhood.

Sunday in my childhood meant chicken for dinner, and a trip to visit grandparents or cousins or both.

2. How comfortable are you with uncertainty?  Explain.

I really dislike uncertainty.  I like to know where I’m headed, when I’m going there, how it will all come together.  As a planner and organizer, I really do like to have all my ducks in a row.

3. What's something you've accomplished recently that might be described as crafty, as in 'arts and crafts' crafty? If crafty doesn't work for you, how about handy? Or both.

Recently I finished a Christmas project, thought it was going to be cross-stitch, only to discover it was needlepoint when I got right down to reading the instructions after saving the magazines for several years.  After finishing the stitching, then there was assembly.  Really happy with how it turned out:

262.Christmas mantelpiece

4. Have you ever worked in a 'food place'. What did you take away from the experience?

I did a couple of stints waitressing in small restaurants while in high school.  I learned that I love fruit salad, and that dishes should never be dried because tea towels are dirtier than the air (still don’t dry dishes if I don’t have to! LOL).

5. Cold turkey, talk turkey, what a recent days, which turkey phrase or idiom best applies to you and why?  Click on the word turkey if you need to read more about the meaning behind each phrase.

A few days ago, I decided to bake some cookies.  Not a hard thing to do, I’ve done it before, know what I’m doing – right!  Well, apparently not so right!  I was a real turkey – adding flour while the mixer was going (you should have seen the ‘snow’), dropping an egg in without cracking it open first (again while the mixer was running).  Not so sure what I was thinking, but it sure made for some mad scrambles!!!  Reminded me of baking days with my daughter.

  The cookies were good though!

6. If you could have any one guest join your Thanksgiving dinner table, who would it be?

My fondest with is to have my kids all home for Thanksgiving – hasn’t happened in a lot of years.

7. What is one thing you must accomplish today?

There are no ‘must-do’s’ on the list for today, and number of want-to-do’s like sew a couple of challenge quilt blocks, or put binding on a quilt, or make another Christmas ornament.  Then there’s ‘some day soon we should make a Costco run’ – that’s probably the one that will get done first.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

In many ways this has been a lazy week.  Not sure why, but I can’t seem to settle down to doing much of anything.  I pick up a book, put it down; pick up a sewing project, put it down; turn on the TV, wander away; head for the computer, forget why I went there and play some solitaire.  I tried to start a knitting project, discovered that I need to teach myself how to knit all over again, and then finally got going and discovered my needles are too small, so that all came out again.  Guess I need to find a purpose somewhere and then get a move on.  This all probably relates back to my need for certainty.  There are a few things a little uncertain right now – just need to wait out the time to see how it will all turn out.

Here’s to a happy Thanksgiving (US) season!     Blessings, Peg