Wednesday, April 30, 2014

It Was Just a Dream

I toiled up the hill on my bicycle, working my way around teenagers lolling on the curb with their legs and feet blocking the bike lane, and around the horde of moms and kids that were coming the other direction.  Destination – the hotel at the top of the hill.

When I got there, it was the hotel of my dreams – luxurious, crystal chandeliers, a lounge for reading or chatting, velvet and leather everywhere, Persian rugs.  And it was busy – staff and guests busily moving around, everybody with an apparent purpose.

I approached the registration desk and met Margaret, a delightful customer service rep who had my reservation all ready, and proceeded with the check-in process and then asked for my credit card.  I handed her my Visa, and she swiped it through the machine and handed it back.

Then Jerry the bell-hop was at my side, and just as I asked Margaret a question, he said he’d take care of that right away and off he went, coming back a few minutes later and handing me my Visa card.  I hadn’t realized he’d even taken it, and wondered what he’d been doing with it.  I had to ask him to give me some privacy with Margaret as he seemed to be crowded right against my elbow, and when he left, I asked if we could reverse the charge on my Visa and put the charge on another card, as I was uncomfortable with what Jerry had done with my Visa and wanted to cancel it as soon as I got to my room.

Margaret was hesitant, but eventually went into a back office and I could see her through a window speaking with someone who was apparently a supervisor.  Throughout this, my wallet, with credit cards, had been laying on the counter in front of me.  The supervisor came out to explain that they couldn’t reverse the charges – and suddenly Jerry was there again, handing my wallet back to me!!  When had he taken it, what had he done with it?  I had a headache!!!

And then I woke up – wanting to run for my purse and check my credit cards!  And so thankful when I realized this had all been just a dream!  And reminded that I need to always, always, always keep close tabs on my credit cards and wallet when out there shopping.

Do you give your credit card to the wait staff at a restaurant?

Do you lock your car with your wallet inside when at a gas station?

Do you make sure to get your card back and put it straight away in your wallet when at a cashier?

Yes, it was just a dream, but a dream with a lesson – I think I’ve been reminded!

Happy lessons!             Blessings, Peg

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy 65 Years

On Saturday, some of the family and a few friends gathered to celebrate with my parents the coming occasion of their 65th anniversary!

Today is actually their date, but weekends work better for get-togethers, plus several of us had commitments that precluded actually gathering ON the day. 

But we had a wonderful time!  The immediate family that couldn’t be there, and much of the extended family and friends sent greetings, and one of my sisters was able to make a Skype call.  PM Stephen Harper sent his greetings as well, thanks to the efforts of my sister (there will be more coming, but time was short and this was the only one to arrive on time).

We read aloud all the cards and greetings that were received, and then read a letter my mother had written to my father – such love, and so many memories!

So today, special greetings and congratulations to my parents, Margaret and Frank, on this day that is uniquely theirs to celebrate!011

And their plans for today???  They’re going to the PNE, where they would have gone back in the days when they were courting.  And then they have a small bottle of champagne to toast each other!

Congratulations   Mom and Dad!     

Monday, April 28, 2014

Sisters Quilt Show part X

Coming to the end.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the show, and really truly hope that someday you’ll have the opportunity to see it for yourself, if you haven’t already.  It’s truly amazing, and worth the visit.

Be prepared, though, for crowds and heat (I did hear that one year it rained on the show, but think that was a rare occurrence for this area at this time of the year).

The vendors were there, so you could shop – for quilts and fabrics and crafts and food and…… Did I shop?  Yes, but found I was so overwhelmed with it all, and getting very tired with the heat, that I only bought one small piece of fabric.




At a lovely oasis in the center of town, there was an opportunity to get out of the heat – and be entertained:



And here a mural depicted the flavor of the day, and some of the essence of Sisters, Oregon:


It was a trip worth taking, and I hope to be able to do it again in a few years!

Happy quilt show!           Blessings, Peg

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Family Times

As our children were growing, we had regular family get-together’s for all the major holidays and everybody’s birthdays.  But now that all of our children are adults, and we’re a little more scattered about, these times are a little less frequent.

So when we do have the chance, we thoroughly enjoy these times.  This past weekend was an opportunity.  Two families were camping at a nearby campground (Grizz and I waited too long to try to get a reservation), and the rest of us dropped in to visit – and eat, of course!


All efforts were made to try and keep cool, and we had to shuffle chairs around every so often to escape the heat of the sun.  But apparently it got cool enough late in the evening to have a campfire – by which time were home sitting in front of our own fans!

Happy family times!                    Blessings, Peg

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wednesday’s Words and Hodgepodge

I’m baaaccckkk!   Yes, missed the last couple of weeks as we were away for vacation, but ready to dive in and share a little more of myself.  I’ll be linked to Hodgepodge, click on the icon on my right side-bar if you want to read more of what people have to say.


1. Times Square is the setting for the infamous ball drop signaling a brand new year....when did you last 'drop the ball' on something?

Just this past summer.  After the floods in southern Alberta, there was a drive to collect quilts for the evacuated families.  I meant, I really did, to ‘whip’ one or two up, but somehow it just didn’t happen.  But I do have an extra quilt top here, will find another charity and send it along.

2. What is one thing you resolved to do in 2013 that you actually did?

I joined an on-line group challenging quilters to ‘Get ‘Em Done or Use It Up’ (finish those UFO’s and/or use up stash).  I did great finishing up the UFOs, mostly because there weren’t a lot.

This stack of scrap quilts needed binding

108.Stack of scraps quilts

This BOM was all together except for borders and then of course quilting and binding

116. Countryfolk BOM

This block exchange sat for quite a while before I got around to it, but it was done before Christmas

134.Snowdays table topper

And I used up stash for a lot of small projects, plus a couple of quilts:Stashbusters 2013

3. Jack London is quoted as saying, "You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." Agree or disagree? Why? 

Sometimes I agree and sometimes not.  At times I just am inspired, no idea where the thoughts come from, but just know what I want to do.  Other times, I need books and quilt shows and internet searches to find my inspiration.

4. What was the best thing you ate in 2013?

Not being a foodie, I don’t pay that much attention to what I’m eating, beyond the few minutes while I’m eating it.  But I do have to say the brined, smoked turkey for Christmas dinner was fabulous!  Probably even better because I didn’t have anything to do with the cooking of it!

5.  Share an anti-resolution...that is, something you plan to keep on doing in the new year.

Love the best I can, share the most I can, laugh as often as I can.

6. The Pantone color of the year for 2014 is radiant orchid.  Like or no like? Would I find this color anywhere in your home or wardrobe? Will you add something in this shade to either?

I like it, it’s soft and yet vibrant.  But there’s none of it in my home or wardrobe, because I tend toward using more fall-type colors.  But maybe I should think about adding it to my wardrobe, it might look good with my silver hair LOL!

7. In three words or less sum up your 2013.

Family and fun.

Family and fun 2013

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

It truly has been a wonderful year.  We’ve had lots of family times, lots of food, lots of reminiscing.  We welcomed two new family members, and celebrated our love and joy with and in each other.  Looking forward to more of the same in the coming year. 

And wishing that all of you have a wonderful 2014!

Blessings,      Peg

Friday, April 25, 2014

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Monday’s ‘Musement

I laughed till I peed my pants!

I guess, according to this, I’m not a real woman. 

My house is only clean for the first 5 minutes after I clean it, and I refuse to clean every 5 minutes.  Organized – well, yes, if nobody else moves anything from where I put it. 

I’m dressed… noon each day, well-dressed only on occasion.  And my hair only looks ‘done’ for the first 5 minutes after I leave the hairdresser, and then it’s anybody’s guess what the style is.

I behave gracefully for the first 5 minutes in all circumstances, other than that, well, let’s just say I have my own way of doing things.   And, yes, I’ve been known to swear, but let’s not go there!

Patience – well, sigh, if I have to wait, have to understand, have to tolerate, have to agree for 5 minutes…..then yes, I have all the patience in the world, and I smile through it all, yes, I do, that smile is painted on my face and nobody and nothing will take it away for at least 5 minutes.  There’s always something nice about everybody in the first 5 minutes after meeting them, isn’t there???

It’s a dream, and I can aspire to a dream, and dream that it’ll come true someday.  In the meantime, I just keep trying.  Maybe someday I’ll get there.

Happy dreams!                  Blessings, Peg

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sisters Quilt Show part II

The first display of quilts as I entered the town was Quilts in Honor.  These quilts were made to honor armed services personnel.  Some were made from respect for all armed services, others for a specific branch, others to honor a specific person:21

20.Quilted in Honor2425262728292223

And a Canadian quilter, who herself had served in the armed forces:

3230.Canadian Quilts in Honor31

With respect and admiration!            Blessings, Peg

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Beginnings–a Linky Party

My blogger friend, Thea at California Dreamin’, has started a Linky Party – New Beginnings, a place to showcase a new beginning each month this year.

For myself, I have a whole list of ‘new beginnings’ for this year.  And, of course, each of those will (hopefully) become a ‘new finish’

So, I’ve linked up – do you want to join in?  Head on over and add your blog to the list, we’d love to see what your new beginnings are!

My new beginning this month is a kid’s story quilt.  This is a pattern I dreamt (literally) up myself a few years back, and quickly did a proto-type and wrote out the instructions.  Then last year I joined in the April A-Z Challenge and made a number of applique animal blocks.  I’ve combined the two, and this is on my design wall now:



Here’s a couple of the animal blocks behind the letters:


I’m going to try for a finish a month, and this month I have a quilt (top left over from last year) all sandwiched waiting for quilting.  Fingers crossed I get to it in the next few days; once I start it won’t take long and then (hopefully) I’ll have a January finish to show you.

Happy linking party!              Blessings, Peg

Monday, April 21, 2014

Up from Serfdom: My Childhood and Youth in Russia, 1804-1824

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Aleksandr Nikitenko, descended from once-free Cossacks, was born into serfdom in provincial Russia in 1804. One of 300,000 serfs owned by Count Sheremetev, Nikitenko as a teenager became fiercely determined to gain his freedom. In this memorable and moving book, here translated into English for the first time, Nikitenko recollects the details of his childhood and youth in servitude as well as the six-year struggle that at last delivered him into freedom in 1824. Among the very few autobiographies ever written by an ex-serf, Up from Serfdom provides a unique portrait of serfdom in nineteenth-century Russia and a profoundly clear sense of what such bondage meant to the people, the culture, and the nation. Rising to eminence as a professor at St Petersburg University, former serf Nikitenko set about writing his autobiography in 1851, relying on his own diaries (begun at the age of fourteen and maintained throughout his life), his father's correspondence and documents, and the stories that his parents and grandparents told as he was growing up.
He recalls his town, his schooling, his masters and mistresses, and the utter capriciousness of a serf's existence, illustrated most vividly by his father's lurching path from comfort to destitution to prison to rehabilitation. Nikitenko's description of the tragedy, despair, unpredictability, and astounding luck of his youth is a compelling human story that brings to life as never before the experiences of the serf in Russia in the early 1800s.

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What you can do when I am sick

What do you say when someone tells you they are dealing with a chronic illness? Well most say, "let me know if there is anything I can do" It's a common kind/or curtsey thing to say to some one who is sick, and as the one with a chronic disorder I never know what to say for you to do. Its not that I don't ask cause I don't need your support, cause I desperately do. 

Mostly I feel like that is the hugest thing I need in my life these days as things have gotten a lot harder and more painful. It could be cause the newest wonder drug is not only not working but is hurting me, yet it's so strong that I can't just stop taking it. I have to wait till the doctors appointment tuesday to see what he thinks. Speaking of my doctor, I just noticed before I went to bed that I missed his offices call yesterday which is odd cause thats awfully soon after my tests to call. Then this morning they called again to go over results of the tests, I wish they would tell me over the phone but no I have to wait till tuesday at 2:30 to hear. Thats 5 and 1/2 days of not knowing, of wondering, of hoping for something to be found or rather for a simple end to all this. But thats to much to ask for I know so I just pray its something that can be fixed. 

Anywho, I was saying about support and what a huge help it is, it's amazing really how even the smallest note, or unexpected gesture can mean the HUGEST thing in the world to someone who deals with chronic pain and multiple other disorders. Yet, I never want to ask, for someone to bring me soup or that I need a cheering up, cause I feel so weird asking for anything, so I thought of something that may be extremely supportive and easy as pie to do. It wasn't actually my idea I admit, it was an idea that the people at DearThyroid suggested to do. 

So here it is support in the form of a sign up sheet, you can pick a date, and send an email, or card, or care package (can ask for address) or whatever you would want to do to show your support! Genius I think! So here is the answer to everyone's "let me know if theres anything I can do" This is what you can do, or rather what I would really appreciate.  

To sign up, go to:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Is It Here–Is It Really Here??


It’s a few days yet before the actual first day of spring, but we’re certainly starting to see the signs.

There’s some green on trees, there’s an occasional crocus, and Mr. Robin came to visit a few days ago:


We’ve even seen a small bird in our bird bath (but too slow getting the camera out).  And nearby a pair of eagles are back in their nest, but the nest is in a place where we can only see it as we cross a bridge, so no place to stop for a picture.

I know I’ve been very remiss in keeping you all up to date with life and times round and about.  Sorry about that, but not actually accomplishing much of anything.  I spend all my time day-dreaming about the grandchildren that we’re going to greet in the not-too-distant future.

#1 is due in late May, but we expect to see her almost anytime now.  DD has been on restricted activity for the last couple of months, and the wee one every so often threatens to join us.  I spent most of February in Calgary with them, all is much more stable now, and actually she’s safe to be born, but we’d all like her to do a little more growing first.

#2 is due in October to DS1 and his lovely wife, who is experiencing the worst of the morning sickness (all day!!) right now.  Because of a couple of previous losses, an early US was done and all indications are good.  They’ll be under obstetrician care, which makes us all happy!

So, you’d think I’d be quilting and sewing up a storm, but I’m not!  Lots of plans, but for some reason I just can’t get motivated.  So this is what’s sitting around my sewing space:

A quilt on the machine that is being quilted, slowly, oh, so very slowly:DSCN0245

Fabrics for a diaper bag:DSCN0243

Fabrics for a baby quilt (need a few more colors for this one):


DD’s MIL has just returned from Calgary, and brought over the fabrics they were able to choose for the baby room, and we have some dates now set aside to sew crib sheets, change table covers, pillow cover, sleeping cozies.  All good practice for the same kind of sewing that I’ll do for baby #2.  But this will all wait a couple of weeks.

First, we’re headed to Alberta for a week to visit the kids, and take a few things to them (after I get down to the basement and dig through some boxes – UGH!).

Then shortly after we get home, Grizz is scheduled to have his second total knee replacement surgery.  All the prep work has been done, so he’s good to go.

Back in January, I joined Thea at California Dreamin’ in a pledge to start a new quilt each month, and I personally pledged to finish one each month (not necessarily the one that was started).  Well…..that hasn’t happened.  But once we’re home from this trip, I’ll start fresh with the pledge and get going.  I’m sure once I get started, I’ll be hooked again, and unable to resist the call of the sewing machine!  Maybe I’ve been waiting for spring!

Happy that spring is almost here, happy to being almost a Nan, happy to know the little ones and their mothers are getting such good care, happy to be able to get out and see them all.

Wishing you all just as much happiness!           Blessings, Peg

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Almost a Finish

Not quite, but close enough to suit me.

Back in January, I committed along with Thea at California Dreamin’ to a start a month.  Thea called it New Beginnings and set up a linky party for any and all who would like to join in.  And I, personally, committed to a finish a month (not necessarily the finish of the one started, if that makes sense to anybody).

Well, life intervened around here, and all my plans got put on hold for a bit and then it took another bit before I got going again.

So my Jan Feb March start is the same now as it was back then:004

And my Jan Feb March finish (almost) is a quilt that I’d had sandwiched for quite some time, trying to decided first how I wanted to quilt it, and then getting up the courage to tackle it:


Wacky stars, echo-quilted with dark thread on top:


And shiny gold thread on the black flannel backing:DSCN0323

All that’s left is to sew down the binding, and then clean up all the lint on that black LOL.

So I’m quite happy with this progress right now.  And in a few days, I’ll share my April start.  So good to be back on track!

And life is kind of back to normal.  Baby Gracie is still hanging in there; she’s 32 weeks now and can technically arrive any time safely, but we’d be happy for her to wait another month or so and gain some weight.  Her mama is still on restricted activity, but out of bed and doing fine.  The other grandma and I have almost finished up the baby room sewing, and I have a couple other projects to work on over the next few weeks.

Grandchild #2, Peanut, is 13 weeks now and Mama is starting to feel a little better.  We got the US picture last week, and all looks good:


And there are lots of plans for sewing projects for this little one, to keep me busy over the summer.

Grizz and I have been doing some around-the-house work, in preparation for his second knee surgery and then restricted activity for a while.  Surgery is scheduled for Friday, and we’re feeling confident that he’ll go through this one as well as he did the last one.  So the yard is cleaned up, the windows are washed, the appliances have been pulled out and cleaned behind.  And the sun is shining!  What more could we want?

Happy blessings!                         Peg

Helping Hands

It's along way from yestarday to where I am today, Its along way from my thoughts to what I'm willing to say, All thats in my head is in your hands Lord and I'm so glad your with me. Today I'm just hoping my parachute will open cause I'm free falling in this immence pain. and I'm thinking of what helps suffering people the most. The discouraging aspect is that there is no magic cure, no amount of rationale that will make it better. no one can package the appropriate responses to suffering. But what helps is supporting individuals through their suffering as they largely feel very isolated and alone, try mailing a care package full of comforting things, surprise them with a coffee or visit. As Jean Vanier said so well, "wounded people who have been broken by suffering and sickness ask for only one thing: a heart that loves and commits itself to them, a heart full of hope for them." when asking how do i help those who hurt look up 1 cor. 13 it will teach you how to best treat suffering.

Book that help to read:
Where is God when it hurts - philip yancey
Disapointment with God - philip yancey
All our losses All our Griefs - Kenneth R. Mitchell

Friday, April 18, 2014

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Thursday, April 17, 2014


I was wrong – I got two of the states mixed up!  Thought I’d checked them all very carefully, but……


Anyway – if you looked at the US map answers before this, please know that Minnesota and Wisconsin are incorrectly labeled.  I’ve put the corrected map on the original post

As I re-read the post, I’m reminded of the song, I’ve Been Everywhere Man!  How I wish that was true, but the places I’ve been and the memories they’ve given me are precious, and a reason to celebrate!

Blessings, Peg

Holding on to the end of my rope

What am I going through? Where is my head at? Well I was told that the doctors and specialists will probably never know whats happening to me with all this pain and that I'll have to deal with it and continue to stay on high drugs. My doctor also mentioned that other patients have gone through this and eventually it got better, or at least it is more manageable for them. My head is a hard place to be right now, and I don't want to be stuck like this.

Having random episodes of blood curdling screaming pain, that I know no one can do anything about...well its just heartbreaking, it's no way to live. Using up the absolute limits of strong pain killers (dilotted, to morphine, or tortal, and now tramadol) and sedatives (valium to Ativan). Life's complicated and I'm trying desperately to hold out with hope and faith that everything will work out. The facts are against me when I can no longer go back to emerge as I have truely puzzled them, my own doctor seems to have given in to the idea that the cause won't be found, and so I am now left helpless to go through severe pain alone.

It's as though I'm in the worst car crash and people slow down to look as they pass by, everyone just stands around and watches, muttering that its too bad, or that they wish they could change it. It seems as though I've been frozen in not only a car wreck but a major car pile up. The first car hit me in the thyroid, then another screeched into that car imprinting chronic pain, neuropathic pain, and fatigue into the mess of cars. Then from another angle came whatever unknown disorder or new form of extreme pain spinning out of control and hit from another angle. All the while I get smashed up harder, and harder, to deep in the pile up to get help. Will the rescuers ever come? How can the operator of the Jaws of Life just stand there. Why can no one do anything. Why me? I feel as though my life is becoming more and more obsolete. I feel banged up the majority of the time, and then with severe on set of pain episodes I feel like a dog that its just too cruel not to put down. The episodes feel like the pain may actually kill me, and no one can do anything about it, I'm left to just lay there, kicked while I'm down and take it.

It's hard to have conversations with other people when your day consisted of being in bed, may be a walk or two, and a possible outing from which I almost always come back sick. No one wants to hear the continuous of how much pain I'm in, and I can't blame them. I know that my God is good and I trust him. I know the doctrinal reasons for suffering, and yet it does not help make it easier to go through. I think sometimes you can know all the right answers to your questions academically and still not understand and be frustrated on an emotional level. And thats okay we're allowed to be frustrated and not understand, it's whether you hold on to your faith that matters most in those moments. Which is the hardest thing when going through suffering. Its easy to tell someone suffering why God allows it, It's easy to tell them their story will make a difference and to just pull through. But on the other side of that conversation, suffering while listening to these answers get old fast, and the encouraging "your story will help people" bit gets harder to believe. My heart feels heavy because not only is it that I'm the only one feeling this pain I'm also the only one having to push through it. People who say those things mean genuinely well, they really want to help, and sometimes hearing that helps. But five years later as the road gets harder and darker, it gets harder to listen to, as its hard enough to hold on to that last bit of hope your fighting to keep a grip onto. It's like dangling from a building hoping the rope wont give out, you can lean over the edge of the building and tell the person thats dangling they'll be alright but your not dangling with them, your not desperately trying to keep a grip on that rope. So you may have to just be there and understand when your words are not enough. However the person dangling on the rope, holding on till help arrives, knows that hypothetically in this scenario if they fall all hope they hold on to may fall with them. Thats a harder conclusion to come to. I'm thankful for faith, and a God that's big and just. I realize that there is a reason and I understand that suffering is a necessary cost. I understand that to gain your life you must lose it. Which I used to take literally and therefore not grasp the concept, but it does not always mean you must lose your life literally but like Jesus through self sacrifice. An example would be through Joni Erikson's suffering people have come to know God. Through the apostles journey's many came to faith. None of these people understood where what God was doing in the moment but held strong to this deep rooted faith in the God who sees beyond our small timelines. They did not understand why they were going through their suffering, yet they held strong to faith something they can not see, but are certain of. This is the same faith I cling to as I go through these days some darker than the rest.

Today is only a touch brighter than yesterday, and it may be a long time before I see any healing or brightness, but I do not question the one who made me. Today, I awoke like every other day too the shooting pains throughout my body, they've worsened as I got to start my week by enduring the dentist pulling out two teeth and doing filings on the others. You know how when your in a mass amount of pain and your whole body tightens or clenches and you bite down on your teeth,...well they eventually get damaged. As my mouth heals, my body is once again shook up from the surprise pull of teeth and thrown back into strange pains.

Today I feel like no one understands what I go through but then I feel guilty also. Guilty because just as there are always people better than you, I know that there are also people dealing with a lot worse things than I do. I suppose that's a good thing for people to consider when you start getting down about your circumstances. I wonder perhaps not only can your suffering be a witness to others but it's also best to focus on perhaps helping those in worse situations than yours is the best way you could help the world around you.

It's interesting to look at suffering in the bible. As in the old testament if god was to punish Israel there was always a warning and they always knew why they were being punished. This cause me to question those who say suffering is due to sin because it's confusing then. Why would god warn them and not us unless it is not for punishment. Some interesting verses to look at below.


So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
                                                                                2 Corinthians 4:18
My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.  Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weakness, so that Christ's power may rest on me.  That is why, for Christ sake I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecution, in difficulties.  For when I am weak, then I am strong.
                                                                           2 Corinthians 12:9-10
To obey is better than sacrifice.
                                                                            1 Samuel 15:22 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Monday’s ‘Musement

And not a ‘C’ in sight…..

Why is spelling so hard?  Why can’t the spelling rules apply always, not just sometimes?  Why can’t words spelled the same way, sound the same?

I was always a good speller (even won spelling bees), and still am, most of the time, but there are some words that stump me regularly

  • vaccuum – oops, got that wrong, only 1 ‘c’ but two ‘u’s – does that make any sense?
  • nemonic – wrong, there’s a silent ‘m’ at the beginning
  • read – ummm….is that ‘reed’ or ‘red’, all in the context, but couldn’t somebody have come up with a different word?

And then there’s grammar, much of which has to do with how a word is spelt (spelled?) 

  • there, their or they’re – each has its own meaning and obviously its own spelling
  • its or it’s – the first is possessive, the second a contraction.  And why, when every other possessive has an apostrophe, isn’t there an apostrophe when we say something belongs to it

I could go on, but won’t.  This little quote made me smile, just because for whatever reason English is such a difficult language to spell, at least that’s what I’ve been told.  And the little bit of spelling of other languages that I’ve learned seems to uphold the truth of that.  And yet, English is the universal language – have to wonder why it was chosen when it’s so difficult to learn the spelling.

But when I read a book, magazine, newspaper, or sign, and see words misused and/or misspelled, I get downright annoyed!  Really – in this computer age is there any excuse?  And I have to assume that magazine and newspaper writers are educated, as are the editors of books, so shouldn’t they know how to spell!  And if spelling is difficult for them, as I know it is for many, maybe they should find good spellers and grammarians to double check their work before putting it out there for the public.  After all, if our children don’t read good grammar and correct spelling, why should they be expected to learn good grammar and correct spelling, and how can they?

I’m sure that I’ll have made some grammar errors in this missive, please excuse me if I have.  But I know that the words are spelt correctly – after all Spellcheck told me so!

Here’s to spelling bees!                    Blessings, Peg

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hello Again

Whew!  It’s been some time since I posted, and a lot has been going on around here.

A few changes around the house (to accommodate an extra small freezer), will end with a change in my sewing space.

To start, a 'lid’ over this trunk, covered to convert it to a pressing board.  Grizz is in the process of making a storage base for it that will do the double duty of storing some quilting supplies and raise the pressing board to a usable level.


We’re just back from a week-long trip to Alberta, arranged because little LV’s parents planned a celebration with friends and family to welcome her to the clan.

Which reminds me – LV is the new blog-name for Gracie.  And Peanut (expected in October) will henceforth be called Eli until s/he is born.  The reason for the changes – LV’s parents weren’t too excited about a name that wasn’t her own, and I decided to change from Peanut when we discovered that the 4H beef calf we bought was named Peanut (just too weird feeling like we’re eating our grandchild! LOL!)

But back to happenings around here.  My parents joined us on our trip this past week, and we took the opportunity to visit all of my aunts and uncles, and a number of cousins.  It was great!  One uncle recently had a major surgery, then developed a bleed that nearly cost his life.  He’s looking good and getting around really well now, but it was a scare!  With some of these folks in their 90’s and one over 100, it’s important to take every opportunity to get together as often as we can these days.

On our drive out we rode a small ferry, that crosses the river only when there’s somebody to carry over.

The approach to the ferry dock was a little rustic:


The ferry is pulled across in part by a guide wire:


And the life raft – attached to the side:


It was an experience!!!

As we drove through Jasper National Park, we had the pleasure of watching some animals:


Baby sewing for Eli is continuing, but a pile of finished diapers, sheets and blankets was delivered:


The celebration for LV was of course our highlight.

4 generations of women:


And four generations:


Happy times!                    Blessings, Peg