Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sisters Quilt Show part I

While at Sisters OR, we had no internet access, so these next few posts over several days are a look back at the Outdoor Quilt Show. And now that we have internet again, I’ll also be able to catch you all up on our travels – posts coming!

The morning of the quilt show (July 12) dawned bright and sunny, and we knew it would get smoking hot by the afternoon.  So we headed out right on the dot on 9:00.  Right on the edge of town, we were welcomed:

07.Welcome sign

Grizz and Sadie only stayed a very short time, because Sadie just doesn’t tolerate the heat any more, and she’s only happy with short walks at the best of time.  So most of the day I was by myself.  At first I missed having company, but as time passed I was glad that I could go completely at my own pace.

So very, very many quilts!  More than 1300 apparently.  I really don’t think I got to see them all.  Every time I headed for a display, I’d look to my side and find more….and more….and more!

So the quilt show that I’ll share with you will take a few posts.  And the quilts I’ll share is just a taste.

Quilts were hung on almost every building, and along fences, and on racks in open spaces and inside a few sponsor shops.  Wander through the streets with me:

1908.Quilts everywhere09101112131415161718

Happy, happy quilt show!                 Blessings, Peg

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